Dog stolen from outside McDonald's in Brooklyn

On Thursday, Nicole Polsinelli's 3-year-old pit bull, Havoc, stood tied up outside a McDonald's in Bushwick beside her sister, Rogue, while Nicole's boyfriend waited to order inside.

Dog stolen from outside McDonald's

A week ago, a pit bull named Havoc was briefly tied up outside a McDonald's in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Suddenly, someone untied him and then made off with the pooch. Security footage shows the dog-snatcher escaping. The owner just wants him back—no questions asked. Reported by Mac King

Affordable NYC neighborhoods

This is the time of year new college graduates find places to live on entry-level salaries. So what are the best options for new renters in the high-priced New York market? StreetEasy crunched the numbers to find the best options while also offering new graduates some advice.

Cocktails on tap in Brooklyn

Just in time for New Year's celebrations, one place in Brooklyn came up with the most efficient way to deal with all those people in line at the bar -- and maybe the best idea I've heard all year -- craft cocktails on tap.