Crime in the City full episode: The 70’s

In this special edition of Crime in the City, we look at the more notable crimes in New York City in the 1970s, including the saga of the Son of Sam serial killer, the disappearance of Etan Patz and the rise and fall of gangland empires.

Full show: Mia & Woody, subway funds, rent control

We open the FOX 5 archives to look back on some coverage of the past, including the first word of Woody Allen's sex abuse accusations and an exclusive interview with Mia Farrow about the case. We also look at the MTA's handling of taxpayer money, and rent control in 1980.

The blackout of 2003

On August 14, 2003, the lights went out in the northeast. FOX 5 NY's Linda Schmidt is taking a look back at how the city that never sleeps was forced to a stop.

1986 NYC gay rights bill

It was a landmark moment for gay rights in 1986. That’s when it officially became illegal to discriminate against gays in New York City. Rosanna Scotto has more on the special FOX 5 Flashback.

The first Gay Pride Parade in New York City

Two activists who were there look back on the anniversary of the first Gay Liberation March in New York City on June 28, 1970. Those first demonstrators left Greenwich Village, the crowd growing larger block by block until finally making it to Central Park. This Sharon Crowley report originally aired in June of 2020.

Studio 54

Fox Flashback is a series that has a first-hand look at how Channel 5 covered some of the biggest stories throughout the years. In this first edition of Fox Flashback, we dig into the archives to relive the glory days of Studio 54.

The Preppy Killer

August 26 will mark the anniversary of the murder of Jennifer Levin, an 18-year-old woman killed in Central Park by Robert Chambers, the man who would become known as the “Preppie Killer.” FOX 5 NY takes a look back at the coverage of the incident and the trial.

Fox 5 Flashback Special

We open the FOX 5 archives to look back on some coverage of the past, including Princess Di's visit to NYC, the murder of John Lennon, and the rise and fall of Studio 54.

2 Live Crew album censored

An archive report from FOX 5 News looks at the 1990 ruling that a 2 Live Crew album could be banned from play on the radio in parts of the U.S.

Princess Diana visits New York City

As the drama with the British royal family continues to unfold, FOX 5 NY takes a trip down memory lane to 1989 when Princess Diana made a historic 3-day visit to New York City. In this FOX 5 Flashback, we open up the video vault to uncover the exclusive moments caught by our cameras.