Trump's pitch to voters: Trust me, economy will soar in 2021

President Donald Trump has a new pitch to voters for this fall. He's asking them to trust him when it comes to an economic recovery. The coronoavirus pandemic has put more than 38 million people out of work in the United States, and Trump is increasingly talking up a future recovery that probably won’t materialize until after the November election.

Job market remains grim even as U.S. tentatively reopens

Signs of renewed activity are surfacing across the country as states gradually reopen economies and some businesses call a portion of their laid-off staffers back to work. Yet with millions more Americans seeking unemployment aid last week, the U.S. job market remains as bleak as it’s been in decades.

Fear of the future: Class of 2020 enters a world in crisis

The future looks grim for the Class of 2020. The pandemic has shattered the economy and the high hopes of graduates who — just months ago — seemed all but assured of success. New college graduates searching for jobs will be competing not just with experienced workers but with those in another Class of 2020 — high school graduates now forced to defer their dreams of college because they can't afford it.

Beginning to bloom: New York creaking back to economic life

More construction, manufacturing and curbside retail pickups have begun in parts of New York state. Shuttered sectors of the economy started reopening slowly Friday in a wide strip down the middle of the state that was spared the brunt of the outbreak.

Virus spikes could emerge weeks after US economic reopenings

U.S. states are beginning to restart their economies after months of paralyzing coronavirus lockdowns, but it could take weeks until it becomes clear whether those reopenings will cause a spike in COVID-19 cases, experts said Wednesday.