How texting is reshaping the way businesses hire

The U.S.’s unemployment rate is currently the lowest it’s been since 1969 at just 3.5 percent, and because of that, employers have to consider everything when it comes to reaching out to younger generations to find new employees. Where a phone call or an email might have been enough ten years ago, now recruiters are harnessing the power of text messages. 

US suspends plans to hike tariffs Tuesday on Chinese imports

The United States is suspending a tariff hike on $250 billion in Chinese imports that was set to take effect Tuesday, and China agreed to buy $40 billion to $50 billion in U.S. farm products as the world's two biggest economies reached a cease-fire in their 15-month trade war.

New hybrid ferry is a faster, more environmentally friendly way to ship goods

For goods to get from Connecticut to Long Island usually means enduring standstill traffic on I-95 and the Long Island Expressway.  But now, thanks to Bob and Marilyn Kunkel’s hybrid cargo vessel the Captain Ben Moore, the trip can be made far faster and without any harmful emissions that could damage the environment.