Study: Mailing free home HIV tests helps detect more infections

Mailing free home HIV tests to high-risk men offers a potentially better strategy for detecting infections than usual care, according to a U.S. government study that resulted in many more infections found — including among friends with whom recipients shared extra kits.

New study casts doubt on need for many heart procedures

People with severe but stable heart disease from clogged arteries may have less chest pain if they get a procedure to improve blood flow rather than just giving medicines a chance to help, but it won't cut their risk of having a heart attack or dying over the following few years, a big federally funded study found.

Living ‘100 Days Without Fear’

If you had asked Michelle Poler 10 years ago if she’d ever try skydiving, the answer would likely have been no. But when she moved to New York in 2014 from Venezuela, Poler jump-started a movement that not only empowered herself, but thousands of others to step outside of their comfort zones.

Would you live '100 Days Without Fear'?

Motivational speaker Michelle Poler decided to face her fears and tackle 100 different challenges that scared her the most, titling her project "100 Days Without Fear." She sits down with FOX 5 NY to discuss her experience and how we can all learn to live a braver life.

Apple bans vaping apps from the App Store

In the aftermath of 42 deaths nationwide from vaping-related lung illnesses, Apple has decided to remove all 181 vaping-related apps from its mobile App Store as of Friday morning.

School district offer birth control to high schoolers

A Massachusetts school district has voted to provide free birth control products and emergency contraception to students who ask to battle a high teen pregnancy rate and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.