Americans getting older before buying homes

The median age of people buying homes in the United States has risen to 47 years old, up from 31 years old in 1981, according to a new report released by the National Association of Realtors.

This renovation returns the most bang for your buck

Dream kitchens and luxurious bathrooms are often the go-to renovations for homeowners looking for the best return on investment, but experts suggest the biggest bang for their buck might be as simple as replacing a garage door.

Real estate trends and millennials

Millennials now make up the largest group of homebuyers in the United States. Amy Plitt is the editor of Curbed New York. She discusses trends that buyers and sellers need to know about.

Spring 2019 home-buying tips

Spring home-buying season is almost here. Grant Long of StreetEasy expects this to be a busy spring season. A lot of listings will come on the market in March and a really big wave will hit in April and May. Last year was a really big spring buying season, he says, because a lot of sellers decided it was the right time to list. More than 12,000 units were listed on StreetEasy in March, April and May 2018.

2019 real estate trends for NYC

To rent or to buy? To sell or to hold? Where will you find the best real estate deals in New York this year? StreetEasy senior economist Grant Long says prices are continuing to fall in a lot of places in the city and buyers continue to have the upper hand in negotiations.

Williamsburg real estate

A day after Gov. Cuomo announced that he intended to avert a full shut down of the L-train and instead have repairs done during nights and weekends, calls started coming into Can Nomer, the director of leasing at Level, a 554-unit high-rise on the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.