The Impact of the coronavirus pandemic [STREET SOLDIERS]

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives in ways we could never have imagined. STREET SOLDIERS speaks with New York officials, musicians and experts about the impact of the pandemic on the hip-hop community and in our everyday lives.

Tekashi Snitch9ine?

Lisa Evers and the Street Soldiers panel discuss te recent testimony of Daniel Hernandez, also known as the rapper Tekashi69.

Street Soldiers

Lisa Evers speaks to Eric Garner's family about the aftermath of Garner's death, reforms in the NYPD and the trial of Officer Daniel Pantaleo.

Inside Rikers Island: Inmates learn skills for the outside world

Rows on rows of razor barbed wire around the GMDC building on Rikers Island say "jail" bigger than any sign. Inside, a gated checkpoint secures the lockdown area. Fox 5 got an exclusive look inside the jail that is the temporary home to about 400 men, ages 18 to 21. They've all been arrested but the vast majority of them have not yet had their day in court.

Street Soldiers 7/16/16

Police Shootings Aftermath: Bridging the gap after recent tragedies and improving relations. Guests: Dr. Darrin Porcher, former NYPD Lieutenant and security expert; Jumaane Williams, NYC Councilman, Brooklyn.