Being biracial in America - [STREET SOLDIERS]

The number of biracial and mixed-race people is growing at a fast rate in America, creating many ethnically blended families. With efforts underway to stamp out racism in every segment of society, it's more important than ever to understand their unique insights and the challenges they face.

The evolution of drill music [STREET SOLDIERS]

Drill music is one of the most exciting new developments in hip hop, starting in Chicago, making its way to London and now embraced in Brooklyn. Now, artists from other music genres are taking notice.

Athletes and activism [STREET SOLDIERS]

Professional sports hold a special place in American culture, but never before have so many of our biggest sports stars stood up for social justice and donated their time and money to worthy causes. But it hasn't always been easy or popular.

Talking about race with your children [STREET SOLDIERS]

The shocking murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd have increased fears of what can happen to unarmed black men when targeted by racism and underscored the urgency of what is known in black culture as The Talk. Now, it's time for all of us to listen.

Race in the Fashion Industry [STREET SOLDIERS]

For decades,fashion has used black culture to make established brands more popular. Now there are major moves to demonstrate Black Lives Matter all the way to the boardroom, and a trailblazing black supermodel is leading the way.

How do we reform policing? [STREET SOLDIERS]

Policing in America is under scrutiny and governments are taking action to overhaul how police do their jobs. Some say it's too much too soon, while other say it doesn't go far enough.

Enjoying the summertime safely [STREET SOLDIERS]

This will be a summer unlike any other due to the coronavirus, but it's already looking better than the spring of shutdowns. The key now is to enjoy the season as much as possible, with maximum safety.