Author-entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau says you can side-hustle your way to financial freedom

Chris Guillebeau is a writer, entrepreneur, and traveler who built a passionate following from his blog The Art of Non-Conformity, where he chronicled traveling to 193 countries before his 35th birthday. His first book, named after the blog (here's a great review), became the first of many bestsellers, including The $100 Startup and The Happiness of Pursuit.

Credit score awareness

Checking emails, Facebook messages and yes even credit score are just some of the things millennials are doing on a more regular basis. Almost nine out of 10 older millennials (30–38) have checked their score at least once, according to, which is a better showing than any other age group.

Credit card tips

Half of millennials say they've had their current credit card longer than their current romantic relationship. Matt Schulz, the chief industry analyst with CompareCards, says that isn't a good thing. That first credit card that you may have gotten in college or in your early 20s probably has a high APR (annual percentage rate), high fees, and little or no rewards, Matt says, and you can do better.

Rebecca Walser's wealth tips

Here are some personal finance tips from Rebecca Walser, the author of "Wealth Unbroken: Growing Wealth Uninterrupted by Market Crashes, Taxes, and Even Death." Walser is a tax attorney and a financial consultant.

Taking control of your money

For about 10 years, the New York City Department Of Consumer Affairs has been offering free financial counseling through more than 20 financial empowerment centers in the city. The counselors are trained professionals that work one-on-one with individuals and help them tackle debt, improve their credit, create a budget, open a bank account, save and plan for the future, and more.

'Money Diaries' become a book

Cocaine on a Tinder date? You'll read about that in Refinery29's Money Diaries, a daily financial column where millennial women track their spending over seven days and share details about their rent, 401(k) accounts, salaries, and dating habits.

Millennials and investing

Consider this: millennials are the largest generation in history yet when it comes to investing, a recent survey from shows only a third have money in the stock market, compared to half of Generation X and Baby Boomers. So, why is that?

Kids and money

April is Financial Literacy Month. Studies show we need it more than ever, with as many as two-thirds of American adults unable to answer basic financial questions. But how do you start talking to children about money and finances, so they grow up to be financially aware?