Annie's Perpetual Stew ignites flavorful Brooklyn community tradition

For more than a month, Annie Rauwerda has been stirring and serving up stew every Tuesday night at Fermi Playground in Brooklyn.

The Michigan native said she first heard of the concept of a community perpetual stew on Wikipedia and decided, why not try it out in the Big Apple?

"I thought the idea of a perpetual stew was charming, and I know it's a hot summer, but I thought, why not?" Rauwerda said.

Word got out on social media, crowds started showing up and 40 days later, the stew is still hot and still a hit. Some people come back every week to try the new flavor.

"This is my third stew at the most flavorful, yet it's hearty. We have lentils and some carrots," one person said.

The stew might be the main attraction, but it's the community that keeps people coming back.

"I don't think people would make their way to Bushwick if it weren't for this, so it's a great thing," another person said. 

Next week, people will bring more ingredients for another flavorful stew.