Brooklyn barber opens home to asylum seekers for Thanksgiving

One barber in Brooklyn has spent years opening his home to asylum seekers arriving from Venezuela, but this year he is also making sure the first Thanksgiving for these new arrivals is a memorable one.

Juan Sanchez is a barber at the Central Latino Barbershop in Bushwick, and for Thanksgiving, he, along with his family and friends set up a table outside for newly arrived asylum seekers.

Sanchez is an immigrant himself, coming to the United States from Venezuela 18 years ago. He says he knows what it's like to come to a new country.

"I put myself in their shoes," Sanchez said. "And I know it's hard to be in a country where you have nothing, know no-one and to have someone help you, it's a blessing."

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For that reason, over the last 7 years, Sanchez has been opening his home, a three-bedroom apartment he shares with his wife and six children, to Venezuelan migrants and asylum seekers.

He not only helps the new arrivals find shelter but also jobs, giving them food and clothing as well.

This Thanksgiving, he opened up the barber shop to give free haircuts and host a Thanksgiving dinner to show the asylum seekers that they are not alone.