Celebrating The Feast of the Seven Fishes in Brooklyn

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is an Italian-American celebration held on Christmas Eve, consisting of seven different seafood dishes. FOX 5 NY visited with the Virtuoso Family in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to see how they celebrate, and to try some of the amazing food!

Jersey City shooting victims remembered

The victims of the shootings in Jersey City have been identified as a police detective, two grocery store workers, and a shopper. The death of an Uber driver may also be connected.

NYC public health emergency

Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a public health emergency Tuesday in the wake of the rising number of measles cases centered in Williamsburg's Orthodox Jewish community. The emergency declaration requires vaccinations for people exposed to the virus and applies only to those who live in four ZIP codes in Williamsburg. Children over 6 months old in the zone in question are also required to be vaccinated.

Williamsburg real estate

A day after Gov. Cuomo announced that he intended to avert a full shut down of the L-train and instead have repairs done during nights and weekends, calls started coming into Can Nomer, the director of leasing at Level, a 554-unit high-rise on the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Shops near L train already suffering

The L train shutdown is still eight months out, but businesses in Williamsburg by the line's busiest Brooklyn stop are already feeling the pain. Construction that began on the Bedford Avenue station months ago has shut down a stretch of North 7th Street to traffic and has taken over parts of the sidewalks on Bedford and Driggs avenues, making it difficult for customers to get to the pizzeria and neighboring businesses.

Transgender woman's difficult journey

Born into one of New York's most gender-segregated societies, Yisrael Stein was one of 13 kids in a Hasidic Jewish family. Today she goes by Abby. Five years ago she left the Williamsburg sect. Her road is long and complicated, but her attitude is optimistic and inspiring. Abby first remembers associating as female at 4. As she grew up, Abby continued struggling with her identity. But her community had no room for gender dysphoria.