Beloved Brooklyn store Crest Hardware to close after over 60 years in business

Customers of the Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center in Brooklyn stopped by to share some kind words with owner Joe Franquinha on Tuesday, after the beloved hardware store announced that it would close its doors for good next month. 

"It's a tough day.  One of the more difficult days of my life," Franquinha said. 

Franquinha's late father, Manny, and his uncle, Joe, opened the family business over six decades ago, in 1962.

"I've been in these aisles since I was a kid and first getting pushed around in a mop bucket when I was really young," Franquinha said.

And Crest is not your run-of-the-mill hardware store. It has hosted art shows, block parties with bands, weddings in the outdoor garden, and was even included in a movie starring actor Danny DeVito in 2016. 

Franquinha owns the business, which he loves, but the property belongs to the family, and they have decided to sell the land, much to the dismay of the community. 

"It's been an outpouring of love," Franquinha said about the reaction to the closure. "I can't count the amount of voicemails and text messages."

The doors close for good on August 30th.

And for the store's devoted customers, Franquinha has a single message: "I love you and I'm just so thankful to have had this be a part of my life."