How getting to work can be a struggle for disabled New Yorkers

Using mass transit to get around the city can be incredibly difficult for disabled New Yorkers. FOX 5 NY takes a look at exactly how hard it is by following 31-year-old Bronx resident Dustin Jones to his job at the Center for Independence of the Disabled in Union Square.

Audit: Engineers could have prevented subway station ceiling collapse

Engineers with New York City Transit relied on "ineffective inspection measures" and failed to realize the severity of structural defects in a subway station in Brooklyn for a few years leading up to the partial collapse of a ceiling there, according to a report by the MTA's watchdog.

Rally in support of churro vendors

Elected officials in New York rallied in support of another subway churros vendor who received a summons from police. They said these women are just trying to earn a living. But the NYPD said it isn't trying to go after anyone and that cops are simply enforcing laws that prohibit vendors from setting up shop in the subway or anywhere else. The vendors are operating illegally, in part, because of a 1983 cap limiting the number of street vending permits. Reported by Linda Schmidt

Another subway churro vendor handcuffed; mayor defends cops

Elected officials, the Riders Alliance and others on Monday protested outside transit police district headquarters after a video went viral showing police officers handcuffing a woman who was selling churros in a subway station over the weekend.

Subway churro sellers handcuffed

Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the actions of cops who detained a churro vendor in a subway station. A video went viral showing the officers handcuffing the woman. And cops arrested another churro vendor on Monday.

Handcuffed churro vendor speaks out

A now-viral video shows members of the NYPD arresting a street vendor who was selling churros at a Brooklyn subway station is drawing criticism and outrage. But the NYPD said the vendor was not arrested and that its officers were just enforcing the law.