Another NYC homeless encampment cleared out

New York City police officers and sanitation workers cleared out another homeless encampment on Wednesday as part of the mayor's plan to try to get unhoused people into shelters while also making sure residents and visitors "can enjoy the clean public spaces."

New York subway attack suspect tipped off cops to his location

Two law enforcement officials say the person who tipped off police to the whereabouts of the man wanted in the Brooklyn subway shooting was the suspect himself. Frank R. James called the New York Police Department's tip line Wednesday to say he was inside a McDonald's restaurant in Manhattan and to tell authorities to come and get him, the law enforcement officials said.

New York pet owners pony up for access to private dog parks

New York City dog owners are a different breed, willing to go to great lengths to ensure their four-legged friends are comfortable. And some are even resorting to sometimes paying a hefty price tag for access to private dog parks.