Getting the New York pizza taste outside of the city

Before Riccio opened the pizzeria on weekends only at the end of April, he knew to create pies and slices with the crunchy, thin crust the rest of the pizza-eating planet associates with New York City, he needed first to duplicate the natural properties of New York City water that when mixed with flour creates dough with the ideal gluten structure.

NJ Rep. Andy Kim helps clean up Capitol

New Jersey Rep. Andy Kim walked amid the mess shortly after voting to certify Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump and felt the weight of the day wearing on him when something motivated him to clean up the debris. 

Second wave? New Jersey COVID-19 cases spike

The health commissioner said most of the positive cases in Ocean County stem from Lakewood, predominantly among white men ages 19-49 and could be related to religious services or celebrations that occurred in late September.