Comedian Ariel Elias chugs beer thrown at her during act in NJ club

A beer can explodes as it hits the wall behind Ariel Elias at Vinnie's Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.

A comedian has gone viral for drinking a beer that had just been thrown at her by a heckler at a New Jersey comedy club.

Ariel Elias was at Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach on Saturday night when a heckler demanded to know who she had voted for in the last presidential election.

A woman, who appeared to be a Trump supporter, shouted the question during her set.

Elias joked, "Why would you ask me that knowing I’m the only Jew in this room? Are you trying to get me killed?"

Dino Ibelli, the owner of the comedy club, told FOX 5 NY that he told the heckler to either keep it down or get out. As the woman got up to leave, a man with her threw a can of beer at Elias. 

A video of the incident showed the beer can narrowly miss her before hitting the wall behind her.

Elias picked up the can and finished the beer. The crowd cheered.

She tweeted that "I'm pretty sure it was unopened, which is why it exploded when it hit the wall."

The Point Pleasant Beach Police Department is reportedly reviewing footage of the incident.

Other comedians are showing support to Alias.

Abby Govidan tweeted: "Omg I literally would have started sobbing. You’re braver than the troops. Also this is not the point but your outfit is so cute"

Ian Karel tweeted: "I stood up and clapped in an airport."

Janey Godley tweeted: "Solidarity my friend"

Matt Davis tweeted:  "Really great job handling that chaos. It’s sad you had to, and sad the venue was slow to stop it. But, again, YOU did great!"

"Five stars for this flawless performance," Jimmy Kimmel tweeted, also inviting her to his late-night television show.