Revisiting the deadly Stouffer's Inn fire of 1980 | The Tape Room

A fire tore through the Stouffer's Inn in Harrison, N.Y., on a cold morning of Dec. 4, 1980. Within minutes, 26 people were dead. A hotel employee was put on trial. He was accused of setting the fire so he could then act the hero and extinguish it. But is that really what happened?

A Grandma Pat's Thanksgiving

Hundreds of hearts were warmed and bellies filled at the Don Bosco Community Center in Port Chester on Thanksgiving Day. 

10-year-old baker is a budding mogul of cakes and pies

Cakes, pies and cookies: Jay Hairston, who is only 10 years old, loves to bake. His specialty is sweet potato pie. He started his own baked-goods business called Cakes by Jay. And he is helping feed his community, too.

Parents demand answers about coach

Parents attended a Board of Education meeting Tuesday to address the school superintendent and hopefully get some answers about why a beloved New Rochelle HS coach was abruptly reassigned. Superintendent Laura Feijoo could carely get in a word as parents, student athletes, and alumni delivered a chorus of boos. She and the board ended up leaving the stage.

Cracks in the hardwood

FOX 5 NY got an exclusive look at the tiny cracks in the hardwood in the Westchester County Center, where the Westchester Knicks play. Reported by Richard Giacovas

Yonkers mayor slams NYC about influx of homeless

The mayor of Yonkers says his financially strapped city has its own issue with homelessness so he wants to know why New York is sending its homeless here. The Special One Time Assistance Program, or SOTA, gives homeless individuals and families one year's rent to relocate anywhere in the United States.