Woman arrested after allegedly abandoning dog on street in New Rochelle

A woman who was caught on video allegedly abandoning a puppy on the street in Westchester County has been identified and arrested.

The SPCA Westchester announced Wednesday that Marissa Levy had been arrested and charged with animal abandonment. 

Ring camera video allegedly captured Levy getting out of an SUV on Lotus Road in New Rochelle, opening the passenger door, and letting the puppy out of the car.

She is then seen getting back in her car, closing the door, and before driving away, is heard saying goodbye, leaving the puppy alone and confused.  

Authorities say the video was posted on the SPCA's social media pages and thanks to an anonymous tip, Ms. Levy was identified. 

She was arrested on June 25 and issued a desk appearance ticket.

"We will never understand how someone could so callously abandon a defenseless animal and are so thankful that a Good Samaritan acted swiftly and rescued Rosie," said Shannon Laukhuf, SPCA Westchester’s Chief Executive Officer.

"Had Rosie run into the street, it could have ended very badly, and she could have sustained serious injuries, or worse," The SPCA Westchester said in a statement. "Fortunately, Rosie is safe and has been adopted by the Good Samaritan who found her. If you witness or suspect an animal is being mistreated or neglected, please call the SPCA’s Cruelty Hotline at (914) 941-7797."