Animal welfare groups help owners keep pets at home

Early in May, Nydia Bonefont was concerned when her dog wouldn’t eat and seemed lethargic. She realized that Papi, a 9-year-old Beagle/Cavalier mix, must have hurt himself — he cried when he was touched. But she was without income to pay for vet care.

North Carolina dog diagnosed with COVID-19 dies

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in June that dogs, cats and a few other animals types are able to contract COVID-19, it is rare for animals to pass it on to their owners or vice versa.

On the hunt for rats in NYC

Rats have been an issue in New York City for as long as it has been a city, and despite the best efforts, won’t go away. FOX 5 NY takes a look at how some dogs are returning to their rat-hunting roots to help rid the city of this pesky problem.