Kindergartener, mom killed in Mamaroneck school bus accident

A kindergarten student and his mother were killed on Thursday morning after they were struck by a bus while walking to a Westchester County school, police said.

The incident happened around 8:30 a.m. on Mamaroneck Avenue near New Street.

According to police, the 6-year-old, who attended kindergarten at Mamaroneck Avenue School, was pronounced dead at the scene. His 43-year-old mother was taken to a hospital and later died, police said. Both were residents of Mamaroneck.

"They were giving compressions and CPR and there was a lifeless little boy on the ground and then they put a sheet over him and it’s horrible to see that as a parent," said Sandra, who witnessed the incident.

The bus, which was on the way to school, was traveling eastbound from New Street and turning left onto Mamaroneck Avenue with the green light, police said.

As the bus was turning, police said several parents and children were crossing the street at the crosswalk with the walk sign.

None of the passengers, including students and an aide on board, suffered any injuries.

The driver of the school bus was cooperating with investigators, and "it appears at this time that this incident was a tragic accident." Police say there are no charges pending.

Several parents who spoke with FOX 5 NY said that the tragedy was bound to happen.

 "There’s way too many cars racing up and down this street," one parent said. "…you hear the screech marks."

"We asked specifically at this light if we can have a crossing guard for the children because the light is very dangerous," said Iliana Hernandez, another parent.

In a statement, Mamaroneck Schools said, in part, "There is nothing more difficult for a community to experience than the loss of life, and we know that everyone in the Mamaroneck and Larchmont communities is heartbroken by this news. We also know that the death of a child is particularly difficult for other children to process. At this time, we have informed our staff of this incredible loss, and social workers and psychologists are fully deployed at MAS."

The bus company, Royal Coach Lines in Yonkers also released a statement: "We are heartbroken to learn of this tragic incident and our thoughts and prayers remain with the family and their loved ones. We are fully cooperating with local authorities during the ongoing investigation."