Cleanup begins after 5-alarm fire rips through historic building in Chinatown

On the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, a historic building in Chinatown that Mayor De Blasio called “a pillar to the Chinatown community” was ripped apart by a 5-alarm fire. Now, city officials are saying the organizations that called the building their home will once again have space there after it is rebuilt and restored.

Homeless, not faceless: After killings, a community mourns

They were figures in Chinatown's street scene: the homeless octogenarian whom residents respectfully greeted as "uncle." The itinerant preacher and blogger who tapped out posts on his laptop in a park. And the man who had a home and family on Staten Island but liked to spend time with friends in Chinatown.

3 Chinatown homeless murder victims identified

Eighty-three-year-old Chuen Kok, one of the four homeless victims bludgeoned to death with a metal rod as he slept on a Chinatown street, was remembered as a gentle" and "kind" man.

Homeless man arraigned for beating deaths in Chinatown

A homeless man who used a metal rod to bludgeon four other homeless men to death in New York City was arrested holding the murder weapon covered with blood and hair and admitted that he was the person in a video of one of the attacks, prosecutors said Sunday.