Snowstorm cleanup continues on Long Island

From Nassau to Suffolk, parts of Long Island saw up to two feet of snow. Whiteout conditions at the height of the storm made driving dangerous. And depending on where you live, once the snow stopped you had to wait for the streets to be cleared.

New animal shelter opens in Central Islip

A brand new, $9M state-of-the-art animal shelter has opened in Central Islip, with 82 kennels, displays for cats and dogs, outdoor pens for exercise, and a full surgical suite.

Southwest Airlines problems persisting for days

Southwest Airlines canceled at least 1,800 flights over the weekend. On Monday, the airline issued an apology saying it hopes to return to a normal schedule as soon as possible.

9/11 as American History: Schoolteachers prepare lessons

Schoolteachers and administrators on Long Island are faced with the challenge of teaching an important piece of history that most of their students weren't even alive for — the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.