Long Island school district accused of turning its back on bullying

A series of recent incidents involving students in the Central Islip School District has left some parents accusing administrators of turning their backs on bullying.

The latest allegations launched against the District involve a 13-year-old girl whose family says repeated threats from bullies resulted in her having suicidal thoughts. She was so traumatized her parents say she brought mace to school. 

"She was spit on in the hall, she was assaulted, she was cursed at, she was pushed around," attorney Ken Mollins said. "The school is doing nothing, zero, to help these kids."

On Thursday, Mollins filed a complaint with the Division of Human Rights and a notice of claim alleging negligence, discrimination, and seeking damages.

"They have a psychologist, they have a social worker, guidance counselors, what are they doing in that school?" said the victim’s mom, Antoinette Moore-Thomas.

The district is now bussing the student 45 minutes away to another school where her parents say she is doing better. 

They, along with other families, plan to file suit against the District, saying that it’s not about the money, it’s about changing the culture and making school safer.

Mollins says he has received more than 20 calls in the past month from parents and teachers alleging similar issues. 

While the district isn’t commenting pending litigation, a spokesperson does say schools have implemented several anti-bullying and tolerance initiatives and do take all reasonable measures to safeguard its students.