Restaurant-goers in Connecticut wary of indoor dining

Outdoor dining has drawn crowds across the tristate area but as cases of COVID-19 continue to surge elsewhere in the country, many restaurants in Connecticut have seen hesitation from customers when it comes to dining inside.

Farmers market sets up shop online during pandemic

With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, stay-at-home orders, a strained food supply chain, runs on groceries and social distancing requirements, a farmers market decided to open early for the season. But only for online orders.

Fairfield County fund raises $1 million

A southwestern Connecticut foundation raised $1 million in pledges over the past week to help local nonprofits in the county hit hardest by the coronavirus. But demand for funding has already grown by at least another $560,000.

Christmas tree prices rise 2 years in a row

It takes as long as 10 years to grow a Christmas tree, so any change in how many trees a supplier might plant won't affect supply for nearly a decade. Christmas tree growers planted fewer trees after the Great Recession. That is why the prices of Christmas trees rose about 4% in 2018 and are likely up about the same amount in 2019.

New hybrid ferry is a faster, more environmentally friendly way to ship goods

For goods to get from Connecticut to Long Island usually means enduring standstill traffic on I-95 and the Long Island Expressway.  But now, thanks to Bob and Marilyn Kunkel’s hybrid cargo vessel the Captain Ben Moore, the trip can be made far faster and without any harmful emissions that could damage the environment.