Veteran bus driver barred from Greenwich schools for driving slowly, swerving

Nadia Micourt has been working as a school bus driver for more than two decades. But she's been suspended from driving after a woman, driving behind her, claimed she was a danger to the road.

That woman happened to be the deputy superintendent of Greenwich Public Schools, Dr. E. Ann Carabillo. 

Carabillo claims Nadia drove six miles an hour below the speed limit, causing a traffic backup, and crossed the double yellow line more than a dozen times. 

At Central Middle School in Greenwich, bus drivers and union reps from TWU Local 100 rallied in support of Nadia, calling her firing unfair and without due process.

Micourt has been disqualified from driving in the Greenwich Public school district indefinitely.

Micourt's daughter said her mom has never been in an accident nor has she ever put a child in danger.

"It’s a disservice as a veteran driver that she lost her job. This is her only source of income. She has been supporting our family all these years" said Immeley Eliezer.

Micourt's supporters also gathered inside at a school board meeting, where the union president asked the superintendent to have an arbitrator settle the dispute.

"I love my kids. I love my job. They love me too" said Micourt.

The superintendent of Greenwich Public Schools, Dr. Toni Jones, said that because Micourt isn't a district employee, she can only disqualify her from driving students in Greenwich.

However, from Dr. Jones' understanding, the superintendent did say that Micourt is still allowed to drive a bus for First Student.