Community demands answers and honors Reverend Tommie Jackson at vigil

Dozens of people gathered at the government center in Stamford on Friday night to pay their respects and seek answers concerning the tragic death of Reverend Tommie Jackson. 

The 69-year-old reverend, known for his service to the Rehoboth Fellowship Church and Faith Tabernacle Church in Stamford, lost his life this past Monday when he went to retrieve his mail from his mailbox, just across the street from his home on Wire Mill Road and was struck and killed by a Stamford police cruiser.

Connecticut State Police held a press conference to share initial findings from their investigation into Jackson's death, revealing that Officer Zachary Lockwood, the driver of the cruiser, made an evasive steering maneuver before the collision occurred. 

Authorities say Officer Lockwood acted promptly, performing CPR on Reverend Jackson, but the reverend could not be revived.

"Preliminary reports indicate that the emergency lights were activated at the time in the police cruiser," stated Katherine Cummings, Connecticut State Police Lieutenant.

The Jackson family's attorney says Reverend Jackson’s widow, a member of the Stamford Board Of Police Commissioners, claimed she didn’t see any lights or hear sirens. The family is also questioning whether the officer’s cell phone played a role in the accident. 

In the meantime, Officer Lockwood has been placed on administrative leave as state police conduct their investigation.

At Thursday's vigil, the anger was put on pause for a moment to remember Reverend Tommie Jackson. They signed little notes on his photos and held hands to remember a larger-than-life figure. A man who faithful churchgoers say brought out the best in his congregation and made people believe in the greater good.

   "He loved to serve the people until the day he died" said his widow, Dorye Jackson.