A dog is starving to death and vets don't know why

An 8-year-old pit bull named Sally has stopped eating and has been slowly wasting away over the last few weeks, according to an animal welfare group in New Jersey. Sally was set to undergo surgery on Wednesday.

Massive American Dream mall to open but will shoppers come?

More than two decades ago when a mega entertainment and shopping complex was being conceived on a vast swath of swamp land in New Jersey, the iPhone didn't exist, Amazon was only selling books online and malls were where you went for all your shopping needs.

Bridget Kelly

The former aide to NJ Gov. Chris Christie says it's time for her to speak out and give her side to 'Bridgegate.'

Historian honored in Bergen County

Arnold Brown's family roots in New Jersey are almost as old as the United States itself. One ancestor was born into slavery in Bergen County. Several generations and more than 220 years later, the Browns are still in the county. Now 86, Brown has led a life fighting for equality, including integrating the local schools in his hometown of Englewood.