Bridget Kelly

The former aide to NJ Gov. Chris Christie says it's time for her to speak out and give her side to 'Bridgegate.'

Historian honored in Bergen County

Arnold Brown's family roots in New Jersey are almost as old as the United States itself. One ancestor was born into slavery in Bergen County. Several generations and more than 220 years later, the Browns are still in the county. Now 86, Brown has led a life fighting for equality, including integrating the local schools in his hometown of Englewood.

Black bear sedated

Wildlife experts have sedated and removed a black bear that was hanging out in trees near New Jersey homes on Monday and Tuesday. The bear left a tree in Paramus late Monday night and then appeared in Ridgewood on Tuesday. Eventually, Fish and Wildlife Division officers arrived, prepared a cage and a tranquilizer, and then darted the bear, who fell asleep. Authorities brought the bear to an undisclosed habitat, likely in northwestern New Jersey.

Vehicle ban hurts businesses

Leonia, New Jersey, has a traffic problem. Too many commuters cut through at rush hour to the George Washington Bridge. To fix that, the town tried closing some streets to outside traffic. But that seems to have created a new issue. And some local business owners say it's hurting them.

Road restrictions lawsuit

Many Leonia, New Jersey, residents are happy about the rush-hour travel restrictions currently in place. But some trouble is on the horizon. Citing years of unimaginable traffic nightmares, Leonia officials enacted a ban on motorists who are not residents of the borough from using side streets as shortcuts to and from the George Washington Bridge.

Chaos at Meadowlands Fair

Gunshots rang out at the opening night of the popular Meadowlands State Fair in East Rutherford, New Jersey. There were no reports of injuries. Several suspects are in custody, according to the NJ State Police.

Teterboro Airport fears

Monday's Learjet crash marks the sixth major accident at Teterboro since 2005. Each happened for a different reason: collisions, weight, weather. Neighbors who live under the flight path say the fact it could happen at any time for any reason puts them in a constant state of anxiety.

New Jersey flooding

Drivers were risking their cars, and perhaps their lives, driving through flood waters in New Jersey.