NJ Transit staffing problems

New Jersey Transit is working to rebuild its bench of train engineers. Seven people just graduated from training classes. NJ Transit has seven engineer training classes being done concurrently. Previously announced cash within the state budget is allowing the agency to increase hiring efforts.

Gateway project

The chairman of a House transportation committee said Thursday he'll get a new rail tunnel built between New Jersey and New York even if it takes legislative maneuvering. Oregon Democrat Peter DeFazio spoke at New York's Penn Station as he and several members of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure prepared to tour the 109-year-old Hudson River tunnel and other rail infrastructure.

NJ Transit pays off Amtrak debt

New Jersey Transit says it has paid $182 million to Amtrak to make good on missed payments for use of the Northeast Corridor line. NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett and Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy announced the settlement Wednesday at New York's Penn Station alongside Amtrak CEO Tony Coscia.

New Jersey Transit service cuts

Relief is in sight for New Jersey Transit's beleaguered rail riders, if only in the wallet. Facing criticism over service disruptions as it seeks to meet a Dec. 31 federal safety deadline, NJ Transit said Thursday it will cut fares 10 percent for daily and monthly tickets for three months starting in November.

NJ Transit positive train control

A temporary schedule change in effect until 2019 began Monday, June 4, on several NJ Transit train lines. Customers along the Northeast Corridor, North Jersey Coast Line, Morris & Essex Lines and Pascack Valley Line are the most impacted. The changes were put in place to allow for the installation of Positive Train Control, a federally mandated safety system on its trains and tracks.

Ambitious mega-transit proposal

What if New Jersey Transit, Long Island Rail Road, and Metro-North Railroad were all integrated into one massive transit system? Some commuters said that sounds like a great idea. Maybe—but is it realistic? A nonprofit says the idea is not only possible, it is essential to meet the needs of the growing tristate population. The Regional Plan Association is proposing a new system called T-REX, the Trans-Regional Express, to better connect New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Aging Portal Bridge fails again

Another day, another delay-ridden commute for thousands of NJ Transit and Amtrak customers. Rail service along the Northeast Corridor ground to a halt because the century-old Portal Bridge over the Hackensack River was stuck in the open position. Amtrak, which owns the bridge, said the problem was caused by a combination of testing on the bridge, additional work at Penn Station, and on top of it all a power failure.

Railroad service mess

The powerful nor'easter that pummeled the New York area Wednesday with snow, rain, and wind caused a mess on the region's railroads. Metro-North Railroad's New Haven, Harlem, and Hudson lines are all suspended as of Wednesday evening due to downed trees and "weather-related infrastructure issues," according to the MTA.

Penn Station track work

Track 15 at Penn Station has gotten a facelift of sorts. A section of 1,100 feet of new steel rails is just the tip of the iceberg. The work is part of Amtrak's infrastructure renewal program where replacing the old with the new came to a head last year during the so-called Summer of Hell.

Portal Bridge crisis

NJ Transit train service in and out of Penn Station New York was suspended for some time Thursday because the aging Portal Bridge near Secaucus was stuck in the open position. The Portal Bridge, which spans the Hackensack River, opened in 1910 and is considered woefully obsolete. Amtrak has long intended to replace it, but lack of funding has stalled work.

More Penn Station repairs begin

Commuters were expecting a few service changes Monday morning on New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, and Long Island Rail Road because of a new round of track work scheduled at Penn Station. What they weren't prepared for was a disabled Amtrak train and the massive delays that followed.

Summer of Hell almost over

The so-called Summer of Hell is just days away from being over. Amtrak officials announced Thursday afternoon that the repair work at Penn Station is complete and regular service will resume in the morning on Tuesday, September 5.