How safe is your data with tap-and-go subway payments?

With the MTA's OMNY payment system for subways and buses about to complete its takeover next year, making the MetroCard a thing of the past, the technical upgrade in our lives to a real-time system tracking our every commuting move has some civil rights and privacy groups sounding the alarm that our freedom is at risk.

NYC congestion pricing: How it would work and how to weigh in

You could pay from $9 to $23 to enter the heart of Manhattan in your car under the much-delated New York City congestion pricing plan, which has generated so much controversy that the MTA extended the public comment period though Sept. 23.

NYC congestion toll effect on Long Island?

Taxi, bus and for-hire drivers on Long Island are pushing to be exempt from Manhattan's congestion tolls. They say they've already taken a hit from higher gas prices.

13 hurt in Bronx MTA bus crash

One person is in critical condition and 12 others with lesser injuries after an accident involving an MTA bus in the Bronx.

MTA to make NYC subway 95% accessible by 2055

Just 131 of the 493 stations operated by the MTA are currently fully accessible to customers. The deal aims to make another 81 stations accessible by 2025, 85 more by 2035, and another 90 by 2055.