NYC congestion pricing plan could be postponed; talks underway in Albany: sources

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FOX 5 NY has learned high level talks are going on in the state capitol right now about postponing the implementation of NYC congestion pricing.


A source tells FOX 5 NY that the June 30 start to congestion pricing could be in jeopardy. FOX 5 NY has made repeated requests for comment from the MTA but have not heard back. We are still awaiting comment.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is reportedly considering delaying the plan, just weeks before the controversial plan was set to start tolling drivers south of 60th Street.


NYC congestion pricing map, costs, hours, exemptions

Here's everything you need to know about congestion pricing in NYC, including the start date, a map, toll prices, toll hours and exemptions for drivers.

Such a move would require the approval of the state legislature, which approved the plan in the first place and whose session is set to end Thursday. The plan was set to begin on June 30.

To make up for the billion dollars in yearly revenue for the MTA that congestion pricing is forecast to generate, the governor is considering a tax on city businesses instead, according to the New York Times. That too would require sign-off from the legislature. 

Hochul has praised the plan to charge drivers entering Manhattan’s central business district, but she has concerns. For one, she apparently worries that it will keep commuters from coming back to the city as it tries to bounce back from the pandemic. 

There are also political considerations. Hochul fears voters could punish Democrats come November and keep the party from winning back the House – a goal of minority leader Hakeem Jeffries, who represents Brooklyn.

Staffers for both Hochul and Jeffries have talked of delaying the program's implementation recently, according to Politico

Several lawsuits, including one filed by the state of New Jersey, continue to wind their way through the courts. 

Congestion pricing has generated bipartisan opposition from politicians, including but certainly not limited to NJ Gov. Phil Murphy and former president Donald Trump, whose penthouse sits in the congestion zone and who vowed to terminate the program in his first week in office if he wins. 

The Riders Alliance, which advocates for better public transit and favors congestion pricing, reacted to the governor mulling a delay, saying in a post on X: "Caving to Trump would be a massive betrayal of millions of public transit riders."

Congestion pricing map

This map shows the proposed zone for New York City congestion pricing.

Vehicles entering the Manhattan zone, which is local streets and avenues at or below 60 Street – near Central Park – will be charged a toll.

How much are the tolls?

Most commuter passenger vehicles will pay a $15 toll during daytime hours.

Tolls will vary based on the time of day and the size of the vehicle, ranging from $1.75 for motorcycles crossing overnight to $36 for sightseeing buses and trucks with trailers during the day.

Visitors without E-ZPasses will pay more, and as on bridges, license plate readers are expected to identify other drivers, so that they can be billed by mail.


NYC congestion pricing: Map, exemptions, start date and more

Effect on Sunday, June 30, most cars will need to pay $15 to enter Manhattan's congestion zone.

Taxis will charge passengers $1.25 per trip that touches the zone, while app-based rides will charge $2.50.

To enter Manhattan, commuters from other states and boroughs already pay around $15 in bridge and tunnel tolls — and the congestion fee will come on top of that. Daily parking costs already run $25 to $50 in the congestion zone.

What hours are the tolls in effect?

The overnight period runs from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weekdays, and from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. on weekends.

MTA congestion pricing exemptions

Some exceptions include a free pass for emergency vehicles, specialized city vehicles, and buses with regular public routes or city school contracts.


It's official: NYC congestion pricing set to begin this summer

It's official: Congestion pricing in NYC is expected to begin this summer.

Vehicles carrying disabled people and certain low-income commuters also get a pass. Low-income drivers are eligible for discounts and tax credits.

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