MTA to make NYC subway 95% accessible by 2055

Just 131 of the 493 stations operated by the MTA are currently fully accessible to customers. The deal aims to make another 81 stations accessible by 2025, 85 more by 2035, and another 90 by 2055.

MTA patrol vehicle crashes through backyard fence

An MTA patrol vehicle knocked down a utility pole, crashed through a residential property fence, destroyed a shed, and landed upside down in the backyard of a house on Friday. The driver was hospitalized.

New York subway attack: Frank R. James held without bail as police seek motive

Frank R. James, 62, the suspect in the shooting of 10 people aboard an N train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn was ordered held without bail Thursday during his arraignment in Brooklyn federal court. He could spend the rest of his life in prison if found guilty of throwing smoke grenades and opening fire on a crowded train.

New York subway attack: Unclear why station cameras failed

Seven months ago, the MTA announced that all 472 subway stations were now outfitted with security cameras. But on Tuesday, the cameras inside the 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn did not do their job when a gunman opened fire and shot 10 people.

Parents want stroller rule on NYC buses changed

A group of parents is calling on the MTA to relax its policy requiring strollers to be folded on buses. The MTA said the policy is in place for safety and to allow room for other passengers.