How will congestion pricing work for drivers?

This week, the MTA released its capital plan, anticipating pulling $15B from congestion pricing, a toll imposed on drivers who cruise or loiter south of 60th Street and to use that money to fix the city’s transit system.

MTA wants to overhaul transit system at $54 billion

Modernizing subway signals, adding 70 new elevators to improve accessibility, installing  more than 1,900 new subway cars, 500 electric buses and extending the 2nd ​​​​​​​Ave. line by 2024: these are just some promises the MTA is making in its new capital plan to overhaul New York’s crumbling transit system.

MTA adding 500 officers to fix homeless problem

Cracking down on homelessness in subway stations, trains and buses is one of the many reasons why New York City Transit President Andy Byford says the MTA is hiring 500 new transit police officers.

MTA says its tired of retrieving AirPods from subway tracks

AirPods, the $159 wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple, can be seen being worn by commuters all over New York City, but the wireless earbuds are easy to lose. They are so easy to lose that the MTA is reportedly considering a new public-service announcement warning commuters not to remove the expensive electronics when they are boarding or exiting trains. 

Probe of pulling of emergency brakes

MTA New York City Transit officials believe that people have been intentionally pulling the emergency brake on several subway trains in recent days. Transit officials have turned over information and security video to the NYPD, which is investigating.

MTA rethinking bus service

The MTA will be reevaluating its bus routes, stops, and service level in the wake of significant shifts in population in various neighborhoods.

Subway service improvements

New numbers from the MTA are hard to swallow for many New York City commuters. The transit authority says subways were on-time nearly 80% this April. That’s the highest weekday on-time performance level since October 2013. The figures also show the average weekday commuter spent 34 fewer seconds on the train and platform per trip.