Subway worker slowdown possible

After contract negotiations fell apart with the MTA, members of the agency's largest union were reportedly considering a worker slowdown just in time for the holidays.

Subway station ceiling collapse audit

When a large chunk of the ceiling fell onto the platform and tracks inside the Borough Hall subway station in June 2018, the MTA Office of the Inspector General, an independent watchdog, launched an audit into what happened. The OIG found serious flaws with the MTA's inspectors. Reported by Sharon Crowley

Audit: Engineers could have prevented subway station ceiling collapse

Engineers with New York City Transit relied on "ineffective inspection measures" and failed to realize the severity of structural defects in a subway station in Brooklyn for a few years leading up to the partial collapse of a ceiling there, according to a report by the MTA's watchdog.

Debris from elevated subway tracks

Subway tracks are complicated. More than 2.4 million components found on elevated tracks can potentially come loose. New York City Transit President Andy Byford said it is time to get this problem under control. Reported by Arthur Chi'en

MTA considering subway ban for repeat offenders

A shocking video of a man randomly shoving a woman into a subway car on Wednesday led to the arrest of Isaiah Thompson, a 28-year-old who has allegedly pulled emergency brakes on trains dozens of times this year, causing hundreds of delays. 

MTA pushing for subway ban for disruptive riders

After the arrest of Isaiah Thompson for randomly shoving a woman into a subway car, along with a string of previous incidents, MTA officials are pushing for the ability to ban certain riders from the subway system.

MTA cracking down on fare evasion

According to data released by the MTA, fare evasion on New York City’s buses and subways is cost the agency $225M last year, with that number expected to be even higher in 2019.