Gov. Cuomo raises alarm about new virus hot spots

Just 10 ZIP codes represent a quarter of the state's new infections in recent testing, according to the governor. A disproportionate number of new cases have come from communities home to many Orthodox Jews. 

NYPD shuts down another Hasidic funeral

Tensions between police and members of New York City’s Hasidic Jewish community flared again Thursday as officers interrupted a crowded funeral procession to crack down on social distancing violators.

Orthodox women’s EMT group meets resistance within community

Five years ago, the country’s first all-female EMT service hit the streets of Brooklyn. Ezras Nashim launched in Borough Park to serve Orthodox Jewish women who, because of modesty concerns, feel uncomfortable with men treating them. The group has seen their membership steadily rise, along with their profile after being featured in a documentary that aired on PBS last year, “93 Queen." But their plans to serve even more women with an ambulance permit are now at risk of being thwarted by members of their own community.