Sculptor creating first women's statue for Central Park

A sculptor known for trying to redress history through her art is creating the first statue of real-life women for New York’s Central Park, where the only females so honored until now have been fictional characters.

Trump name removed from Wollman Rink

 Skaters in New York's Central Park may notice something missing from its two ice rinks this winter — President Donald Trump's name.f

NYPD officers revive runner in Central Park

Officer Benjamin Beiro and Officer Nicholas Noto of the New York City Police Department are being hailed as heroes when they stepped in to help save the life of a runner who collapsed I Central Park on September 18.

Officials issue warnings after algae blooms in NYC parks

A toxic algae called Cyanobacteria has already closed beaches and lakes in New Jersey, and is allegedly responsible for three dog deaths in North Carolina. Now, the algae has been found in the Harlem Meer in Central Park and in Prospect Park, leading health officials to advise New Yorkers to keep their young children and especially any animals away from the water.

Belvedere Castle to reopen

After a 15-month comprehensive restoration project by the Central Park Conservancy, the beloved Belvedere Castle will reopen to the public. The $12 million project was funded by the Thompson Family Foundation.

BTS fans camp out in the rain

An army is taking over New York. But instead of camo and ammo, these soldiers are armed with wild hair, a message of self-love, and a crazy desire to devour all things BTS.

Mandarin duck in Central Park

The rare mandarin duck native to East Asia put on a show in Central Park on Thursday after lying low for a few days. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation hasn't been tracking the duck but a source told Fox 5 that park rangers hadn't seen the bird since Nov. 2 until it reappeared Thursday afternoon.

Counting squirrels in Central Park

Jacqueline, 6, and her brother, Will, 4, expressed differing levels of interest, Tuesday evening, in counting the squirrels—all of the squirrels—in Central Park.

Central Park explosion probe

Two years ago, Connor Golden, then 18, was hanging out with friends in Central Park. He jumped off a rock and stepped on an explosive. He had to have multiple surgeries and have the lower part of his leg amputated. Since then, he has learned to move around with a prosthetic leg.

Central Park tree lawsuit

Anne Monoky spoke publicly Monday for the first time since a 75-foot American elm fell on top of her and her three children and pinned them to the pavement of West Drive in Central Park near 62nd Street. She sat with her husband Kurt Goldman and attorneys Thomas Kline and Jordan Merson Monday and announced that they have filed a lawsuit seeking $200 million from the city, the Central Park Conservancy, and various corporations tasked with maintaining the park's trees.

Ice rescue demonstration

Using a couple of wooden ladders, a New York City parks enforcement officer shimmied his way across the ice of Central Park's Lasker Rink Tuesday to a spot where Parks Commissioner Michael Silver lay on his belly. The parks commissioner played the role of a foolish selfie-snapping victim stuck part on, part below the ice of a not-quite-frozen city pond Tuesday afternoon. He and the parks enforcement officers demonstrated a tandem two-ladder rescue and encouraged all who spend any time near the water this time of year to stay off the ice.

Running in winter

In the colder, darker months, the mere prospect of strapping on our sneakers and heading outside to submit our bodies to burning lungs, phlegmy throats, and runny noses alone and in the dark while running on pavement sounds absolutely miserable. So how do we stay motivated?

Photographing New York's parks

Capturing the essence of New York's parks takes a special eye. Daniel Arnold has that eye. As a photographer for the New York Times, Arnold has for years photographed the city's green spaces. Central Park is his favorite. Arnold reluctantly calls himself a "photographer." He sees himself more as someone who simply records life and the beauty therein.

Lawsuit over falling tree

Anne Monoky her three young children were taking a stroll in Central Park on August 15, 2017, when an elm tree suddenly fell on them. Her 2-month-old baby was strapped to her chest in a baby carrier. Her two other children were in a double-wide stroller. The 2-year-old suffered a head injury and a concussion. Anne suffered a spinal cord injury that left her immobilized in a neck brace. Doctors say she can't move her neck or head and needs to lie in this position for two to three months.

Columbus statue vandalized

As tourists walked through Central Park Tuesday, they likely didn't notice anything amiss with the Christopher Columbus statue near East 66th Street. But earlier in the day, it was a different scene when the Central Park Conservancy worked quickly to wash away graffiti scrawled across the monument.