Murphy signs New Jersey's nearly $51 billion budget

New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signed a record $50.6 billion budget that pours $2 billion into property tax relief for homeowners and renters and lifts spending 9% over last year. The giveback to taxpayers reflects Democrats' desire to address what they and others call an "affordability crisis" in the state, whose property taxes top most states' and where typically low gas prices are teetering toward $5 a gallon.

NJ Gov. Murphy wants all cops to be licensed

New Jersey is considering legislation that would require prospective police officers to fulfill several requirements before being issued a law enforcement license, including undergoing a psychological evaluation and completing post-academy professional training.

NJ urges COVID vaccine booster shots

Gov. Phil Murphy announced on Wednesday that he will soon end his regular COVID-19 pandemic briefings because of the overall progress against illnesses. But he and health officials are still urging residents to get boosted.

Vice President Harris hails Newark as model for lead replacement

Newark struggled with high levels of lead in drinking water for years, prompting outrage. But on Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris visited Newark to praise the city for replacing all lead water pipes in just three years — much, much sooner than anticipated.