NYC and other 'sanctuary' cities navigate migrant influx from GOP states

Few places in the U.S. have a more deeply ingrained reputation as a refuge for immigrants than New York City. But for Mayor Eric Adams, reconciling that image with an influx of migrants sent to the city as part of a political tactic from several Republican governors is proving difficult.

NYCHA CEO steps down after arsenic scare

George Russ is stepping down as CEO of the New York City Housing Authority just days after an a scare over arsenic in the water at the Jacob Riis Houses in the Bronx.

Water at NYCHA complex is safe to drink: Mayor

The lab that conducted the initial tests that found arsenic in the water at the Jacob Riis Houses has allegedly admitted to introducing arsenic into the samples, causing the false results.

NYC Mayor Adams slams Texas governor over busing of migrants

Mayor Eric Adams said on Monday that the city is still determining how many migrants have already entered the city and how many more are expected. Blasting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Adams said Abbott has refused to coordinate when buses will be arriving in the city, so resources are scrambled together when each new group arrives.