FDNY boat crash leaves one dead

A firefighter from Belgium died while riding on a FDNY boat that was hit by a charter boat, city fire officials said Saturday. The incident is under investigation by the FDNY and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Assaults on NYC EMS workers spike

Last week, an EMT was shot in the shoulder by a drunk patient in the back of an ambulance. He survived but the incident demonstrates just how dangerous the job can be.

FDNY firefighter Timothy Klein funeral

A massive crowd of firefighters, law enforcement, family, friends, and strangers turned out in Queens for the funeral mass of FDNY Firefighter Timothy Klein, 31, who died while on the job.

Firefighter Timothy Klein wake draws hundreds of mourners

Hundreds of firefighters, emergency workers, city officials, friends, family, and even strangers came to a funeral home in Brooklyn on Thursday to pay their respects to Firefighter Timothy Klein, who made the ultimate sacrifice last weekend.

Death of FDNY firefighter: Bunting ceremony

The FDNY draped purple-and-black bunting on the facade of the Canarsie, Brooklyn, firehouse that is home to Engine 257 and Ladder 170 in honor of Firefighter Timothy Klein, who died in the line of duty.