What is biometric ticketing?

A quick touch is now all you need to get into a Mets game. Citi Field is the first stadium in the New York area to roll out what's called biometric ticketing—meaning you won't need to produce an actual ticket or show one on your phone to enter the game.

'Prom' at Citi Field

In January, a Staten Island teen's tweet went viral. And on Friday, her dream came true. Dressed in her blue and orange prom dress Callie Quinn got to take her pre-prom photos at Citi Field with a few players.

Teen's Mets prom photos challenge

A Staten Island teen who is a huge Mets fan is hoping to get her prom photos taken at Citi Field with some players. The Mets support the idea -- if the teen can get half a million retweets.

Darryl Strawberry on second chances

Baseball legend Darryl Strawberry talked to Duke Castiglione about his long journey of recovery and redemption from addiction, which is chronicled in the book "Don't Give Up on Me: Shedding Light on Addiction with Darryl Strawberry" by Shawn Powell. Darryl also sheds light on his relationship to Doc Gooden.

Noah Syndergaard is afraid of mascots

Mets pitcher Noah "Thor" Syndergaard has no regrets about turning down an MRI just days before the injury that put him on the disabled list. He talked to Rosanna Scotto about his reasons for doing so and how his recovery is coming along. Syndergaard also explained why he is at war with sports mascots.

Robot pitcher

It has one arm, four wheels and is taking the mound at the Mets game as the first robot to throw the ceremonial first pitch at Citi Field. DeGrom, Harvey and Syndergaard, watch out. Locust Valley's Falconbot is no joke. Accuracy without the injuries: the metal machine operates with a video game controller attached to a cell phone. Wi-Fi communicates with another phone on the bot to release the gear and launch the pitch.

Doc Gooden gets key to city

Mayor Bill de Blasio presented Dwight Gooden with the key to the city -- 31 years after the New York Mets won the World Series. After thanking the mayor, fans, and teammates, Gooden almost forgot the key atop the lectern.

School's new pitching mound

For the first time in two seasons, the Lehman High School baseball team can finally play on their home field. The Lions could not have any home games last year, because their pitching mound was destroyed and too dangerous to play on. On its own, Lehman did not have enough money to purchase a new mound. But the school in the Bronx did have a former student on the team from Queens: New York Mets infielder T.J. Rivera.

5 questions for Keith Hernandez

Last week, I met New York Mets legend Keith Hernandez, now a baseball analyst on SNY. He was promoting an event with Good Humor to announce a summer campaign. Good Humor men will be popping up arou...