NYC’s homeless relocation program slammed

A scathing report from the Department of Investigations slammed New York City’s homeless relocation program, saying it fails to provide safe and clean accommodations.

The Newark Museum of Art: New name, same mission

Big things are happening at the Newark Museum of Art. The 110-year-old museum has rebranded in an effort to make its identity more clear to the public. Among the many new exhibits is the Native American collection.

Laser targeted JetBlue flight landing at Newark Airport

The FAA is investigating another laser incident. A laser was pointed at a JetBlue airliner that was landing at Newark Liberty International Airport. Lasers can temporarily blind pilots and cause permanent eye damage.

Newark’s Ironbound Stadium is back in the game

It’s been 32 years since anyone stepped on the field at Newark’s Ironbound Stadium. Once home to East Side High School’s football team, the field closed in 1987 after the federal government tested the soil and found it to be contaminated.