New York loosening some virus restrictions on gatherings

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that the state will loosen restrictions on gatherings at his first news conference since an investigation was announced into sexual harassment allegations against him by three women.

NY testing 'COVID passport'

With the limited resumption of sporting events at venues in New York, Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center will be used as testing grounds for a new digital pass that could confirm the owner's COVID status.

Calls for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign

Mayor de Blasio says Gov. Cuomo won't be able to govern if the sexual harassment accusations are true. Some other Democrats are being more direct and want Cuomo to resign now.

Calls grow for Cuomo harassment inquiry. But by whom?

A former aide’s allegations that Gov. Andrew Cuomo subjected her to an unwanted kiss during years of sexual harassment have spurred calls for an investigation — and questions about who might meaningfully conduct one.