NYC mayor claims Giuliani falsely reported a crime

New York City Mayor Eric Adams wants the Staten Island district attorney to investigate former Mayor Rudy Giuliani for falsely reporting a crime after a man was arrested for allegedly slapping him on the back.

MTA patrol vehicle crashes through backyard fence

An MTA patrol vehicle knocked down a utility pole, crashed through a residential property fence, destroyed a shed, and landed upside down in the backyard of a house on Friday. The driver was hospitalized.

Amazon's first U.S. union faces new hurdles

A stunning upset in a union election on Staten Island had brought sudden exposure to the organizers and worker advocates who realized victory for the nascent Amazon Labor Union, which is now preparing to negotiate for a labor contract. But experts say Amazon will likely drag its feet.

SUV fleeing NYPD crashes into building

Video from a security camera shows a speeding SUV crashing into a residential building on Staten Island. Police say the driver was trying to get away from cops who had pulled him over.