Deaf-blind actor breaks barriers

Robert Tarango was born deaf and has lost nearly all his eyesight over the past 30 years. Despite his difficulty communicating, Tarango, 55, is proving dreams do come true. Tarango was cast in the lead role in the film Feeling Through. Reported by Jodi Goldberg

Shop owner personally delivers lost keys

Diana Chong stopped at Bagels 101 in Middle Island on Saturday morning before she and her family headed to a Friendsgiving celebration in Pennsylvania. But they made the 185-mile trip in a 2016 Kia Sorento—without the car key. She called the bagel store and spoke to the manager, Vinny Proscia. Someone had turned in the keys. He offered to ship the fob but couldn't find a service that would get it there in time. Vinny didn't think twice about personally delivering the keys. He humbly accepted a thank you and a raincheck for a future Friendsgiving. Reported by Jodi Goldberg

A portrait of a lasting friendship on Long Island

Rosie Zona and Mary Ann Romano have been friends since their college days. Rosie offered Mary Ann her home as a place to live while she was getting her degree. The two, 30 years apart in age, never parted ways. Mary Ann, now 77, is paying it forward by taking care of Rosie, now 107.