Connecticut poised to legalize recreational marijuana use

The legislation makes it legal for you to possess and use cannabis beginning July 1 if you are 21 or older. You'll be allowed to have up to 1½ ounces on your person and another 5 ounces in your home or vehicle. Retail sales of cannabis in the state are not expected to begin until spring 2022 at the earliest.

Connecticut accelerates COVID vaccine distribution

Connecticut plans to speed up the next age-based phase of its COVID-19 vaccination rollout by a few days. Also, everyone else, age 16 and older, will be able to begin making appointments for a shot tentatively on April 5.

Connecticut to ease some COVID-19 restrictions

On March 19, Connecticut will eliminate capacity limits for restaurants, retail, libraries, personal services, indoor recreation, gyms/fitness centers, museums, aquariums, zoos, offices, and houses of worship.