New York City is accused of fraud over taxi medallion prices

New York Attorney General Letitia James has informed New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer that her office intends to sue the city for $810 million to help hundreds of taxi medallion owners who find themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole.

New York City Council holds hearing on façade inspections

Leaders of the New York City Department of Buildings testified before the City Council’s Committee on Housing and Building on Monday in the aftermath of two recent deadly accidents where falling debris off building façades killed two pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. 

New York City Council votes to ban cashless businesses

New York City lawmakers voted Thursday to require stores and restaurants to accept cash for payment, saying businesses that accept only credit and debit cards are discriminating against New Yorkers who lack bank accounts and credit cards.

New York City set to ban flavored vape products

Flavored vaping products will soon be outlawed in New York City. Lawmakers voted to ban all e-cigarette and e-liquid flavors except tobacco. The mayor said he will sign the bill or let it take effect immediately.

New Yorkers approve ranked-choice elections

New York City voters will soon be allowed to mark election ballots with up to five candidates. Voters approved a measure to amend the City Charter to allow what is called ranked-choice voting. The measure passed 72% to 28%.

NYC Council passes bill banning foie gras

The New York City Council has voted to ban the sale of foie gras — the fattened liver of a duck — served in fine restaurants and gourmet groceries across the city.

New York City Council to vote on closing Rikers Island

The plan to close Rikers Island by 2026 and replace it with four smaller borough-based jails in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens is now in the hands of the New York City Council in a vote set to take place on Thursday.

City Council passes bill to encourage overnight deliveries in NYC

A new bill passed by the New York City Council on Wednesday requires the city to study its facilities below 60th Street in Manhattan, and in two other heavily congested outer borough locations to see if and where off-peak deliveries make sense.