IRS owes millions to NY, NJ, CT taxpayers – Claim by today

Taxpayers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut could be owed millions of dollars by the Internal Revenue Service – but the deadline to claim your money is running out.


According to the IRS, roughly 940,000 people across the U.S. who didn’t file their 2020 tax year returns may be eligible for their part of over $1 billion in unclaimed refunds.

But if you are owed any of that money, you must file by the May 17 deadline to get it. The federal government’s revenue service has issued several reminders warning taxpayers of the deadline.

New York

  • Estimated number of individuals: 51,400
  • Median potential refund: $1,029
  • Total potential refunds: $60,837,400

New Jersey

  • Estimated number of individuals: 24,400
  • Median potential refund: $920
  • Total potential refunds: $27,408,300


  • Estimated number of individuals: 9,800
  • Median potential refund: $978
  • Total potential refunds: $11,343,600

In all, the DMV could leave $99,589,300 in potential refunds on the table if not claimed by the deadline.


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Sam Kosmas, with FOX 5 DC, helped contribute to this report.