Junzi Kitchen seeks to redefine Chinese cuisine in America

While the majority of Chinese-American food draws from a version of southern Chinese cuisine imported to this country 30-plus years ago, Junzi Kitchen offers more northern, modern flavors while also rebranding how we think of Chinese takeout.

Chef upset by loss of third star takes Michelin to court

Chef Marc Veyrat, known for his black chapeau and his mountain cuisine, is taking the Michelin Guide to court to find out why he lost his third star this year — and how the publication that makes, and sometimes breaks, reputations in the world's prestigious kitchens could allegedly claim he used cheddar cheese in a recipe.

Are ‘Virtual Restaurants’ the wave of the future?

If you’re looking to have the kind of delicious food you can get on a night out, but don’t like leaving your home, there may be some good news headed your way. So-called “Ghost Kitchens” or “Virtual Restaurants” are operating on a delivery-only basis and are aiming to revolutionize the ever-expanding food delivery business. Stefanie Tuder, Senior Editor, Eater NY, shares more on this new trend, and if some restaurants may be taking a gamble.

Food donation platform

The approach is so simple that you might wonder why it hasn't been implemented before. A new website connects those with food in New York City with those who distribute it to people in need.

Restaurant minimum wage

Oxbow Tavern opened on the Upper West Side of Manhattan just a year ago. But already owner Greg Hunt has had to raise prices and cut back on staff. Hunt is among the restaurateurs in the city who say the state's minimum wage increase is hurting their bottom lines.