'Sushi highway': Long Island restaurant offers futuristic dining experience

Who said waiters have to be human? 

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, an innovative sushi spot known for its creative culinary approach is here to prove that exceptional service can also come in the form of batteries and circuits. 

Fresh on the New York scene, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar has set up its first New York shop in Carle Place.

Imagine walking into a sushi haven where the dishes parade past your table like a delicious procession. No more waiting around for the waiter to take your order – here, you're the master of your own mealtime destiny.

"They pretty much sit down, as you see the food is ready at the belt, they will come take a plate," said manager Oscar Aguilar.


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But wait, there's more! Ever wished for a refreshing drink to complement your sushi adventure without the hassle of flagging down a server? Meet Kur-B, your robotic drink deliverer. This pint-sized assistant ensures your thirst is quenched, all while adding a dash of futuristic fun to your dining experience.

"They’re just here to help, not to take anyone’s jobs," Aguilar said.

More than 100 different plates in plastic pods for freshness circulate on the conveyor. The distinctive dining experience originated in Japan and has made its way stateside. 


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And if you're not in the mood for sushi, the kitchen's tablet ordering system lets you tailor your culinary journey. In no time, your customized creations are zipped straight to your table on the Sushi Highway, ensuring your taste buds never experience a traffic jam.

All plates go in the disposal slot and yes, a conveyor belt is underneath to bring all the dirty dishes to the dishwasher.

Aguilar even shared the high-tech secret behind maintaining top-notch hygiene. "There are sensors on the belt, and if a dish has been there for more than a two-hour limit, well, we'll take the plate out and dispose of it." 

And the cherry on top is a prize machine that sits above each table. The tablet registers the number of plates dispensed in the disposal and diners get a prize after every fifteen plates.