2019 Holiday Gridlock Alert Days

That time of the year has come again—when New Yorkers have to deal with especially terrible traffic in Midtown Manhattan because of the holidays.

Buses only along 14th street

Only buses, trucks, access-a-ride services and emergency vehicle ambulances will be allowed on 14th St. between 9th Ave. and 3rd Ave. from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Pothole hotline

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone on Monday announced a $7 million investment into several countywide road resurfacing projects. Thanks to the county's new state-of-the-art 311 call center, launched earlier this year, he says crews will be able to patch up potholes more quickly and efficiently.

11th Avenue traffic pattern confusion

A day after changing the traffic pattern on 11th Avenue near the Lincoln Tunnel without notice, the Department of Transportation reversed course, but the damage was already done. Motorists driving along 11th Avenue near the Lincoln Tunnel were met with the surprise traffic pattern Tuesday afternoon. Southbound 11th Avenue was one-way only from 57th St. to 44th St. from about Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning.

14th St. traffic plan

In June, the city will turn 14th Street between 3rd Avenue and 9th Avenue into a first-of-its-kind "truck and transit priority street," cutting off all private vehicle through traffic to make way for buses, trucks and emergency vehicles. Under the 18-month pilot plan, private cars will only be allowed to do local drop-offs and pick-ups and will have to make the next available right turn off of 14th Street.

Opposition to Manhattan tolls

Two New Jersey congressmen are adding their voices in opposition to New York City's plan to charge motorists a fee for entering Manhattan, a move they say unfairly burdens New Jersey commuters.

Dangers of left turns

New York City's Vision Zero initiative is zeroing in one of the most disturbing statistics when it comes to pedestrian safety: a vehicle making a left-hand turn is three times more likely to injure pedestrians and cyclists than one making a right-hand turn.

Crash on I-80

A bus and several cars were involved in a serious crash on Interstate 80 in Parsippany, New Jersey, Thursday evening. At least one person was killed and several others were hurt.

Bike lane? What bike lane?

School buses turn a service road into a parking lot during the morning drop-off on a busy stretch of Queens Boulevard at Jacobus Street. That prompts motorists to go rogue and drive in the protected bike lane.

Snowstorm aftermath

The snowstorm hit New York shortly before the evening rush hour. Snow fell very quickly and didn't stop at a slushy one inch, as forecasters had predicted. De Blasio and Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia said the die was cast, so to speak, and that agencies couldn't recover and had no time to deploy snow plows.