NYC luxury clothing maker shifts to PPE

Gabrille Ferrara said her garment company took a break from the dress forms of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein when the city put out a call for help producing personal protective equipment in large quantities during the coronavirus pandemic. 

FTC sues to block merger of Schick and Harry's

The Federal Trade Commission says the merger between global brand Schick and upstart rival Harry's would eliminate a key competitor from the market that had driven down razor prices and encouraged innovation.

Virginia biochemist crowned Miss America

 Organizers wanted to make it clear the 99th Miss America competition isn't your grandmother's beauty pageant, and their winner did just that on Thursday.

Caring for your skin during winter

The cold, winter weather can be brutal on our skin. The same beauty routine you follow in the summer isn't always good enough to keep your face healthy when the seasons change. Jhoanny Pena, is a skin care specialist and the owner of Manhattan Skin and Laser Center, discusses the steps you should take to keep your face radiant all year long. Reported by Dari Alexander

Leftover fabric finds a new use instead of ending up in landfill

Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta, Express, J. Crew and others produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of fabric that normally just gets dumped in a landfill. But a New York City nonprofit has found a way to take that unwanted fabric and give it new life.

East Village Shoe Repair

East Village Shoe Repair is a tiny shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn, that cranks out big designs. Sure, they fix shoes and zippers on bags. But custom-made wedges helped put them on the map. Somewhere along the way, the funky bespoke styles began to appeal to stars like Madonna and Rihanna. Reported by Christal Young

Tie-dye fashion makes a comeback

The tie-dye trend may be a “blast from the past,” but according to Vogue Magazine, it’s back now, bigger than ever, and it’s selling out of stores quickly.

Why are people dressing up less?

When it comes to fashion, the times they are-a-changin’. It used to be that people would put on a suit and tie before getting on a plane, and the idea of a “casual Friday” was absurd. But now, stores like Lululemon are raking it in producing “athleisure,” clothing you can wear to the gym or any number of other places. But not everywhere has embraced allowing people to dress down on a day out.