Basic skincare tips for teens amidst TikTok craze

TikTok videos showing the skincare routines and mature makeup collections of tweens and teens are flooding social media, but it’s not necessarily a good thing, according to dermatologists who say some products may be doing more hard than good.

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar says TikTok isn’t the sole place where young kids should be getting their information from when it comes to skincare - especially when recommendations oftentimes come from influencers driven by dollar signs instead of science.

"We have these helpless teenagers who are just blindly following these influencers without knowing what the agenda is," he said. If you have no issues, you should use a gentle cleanser, a simple moisturizer, and sunblock.

Dr. Rokhsar says products with chemicals like retinol are completely unnecessary and could be harmful.

"You’re damaging your skin in the barrier that protects your skin and that inflammation could cause premature or aging long term," he said.

Eight in ten youth mental health specialists say social media are fueling a mental health crisis. A new report from The Dove Self Esteem Project found that 9 in 10 children are exposed to toxic beauty content on social media apps.

Experts say basics are best.