Caring for your skin during winter

The cold, winter weather can be brutal on our skin. The same beauty routine you follow in the summer isn't always good enough to keep your face healthy when the seasons change. Jhoanny Pena, is a skin care specialist and the owner of Manhattan Skin and Laser Center, discusses the steps you should take to keep your face radiant all year long. Reported by Dari Alexander

Recipe: Crock-pot Italian beef sandwiches

The Windy City is famous for deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs. But there's another classic dish Chicago is know for, and Dr. BBQ says it's the perfect fit for the Cowboys-Bears matchup on FOX's Thursday Night Football.

Study: Caffeine is in your blood

According to a new study, if you’re a coffee lover you might be able to accurately say you have caffeine running through your veins.